Let's remake Megaman X in UE5

03-07-2021 13:13

So, what's the plan?

We will be remaking a classic from the SNES console with Unreal Engine 5. The original game is complex enough to be challenging to implement for beginners and intermediate game makers. Also, because it is such an old game, all the pixel art assets are available online and we will be able to focus on building the game and learning blueprint.

All sprites are from https://www.spriters-resource.com/

Blueprint only

For most small/medium games, you can manage to build about anything in blueprint. And that's exactly what we will be doing. We will be avoiding c++ code for now.

You can copy any Blueprint code on this site with the copy icon.It can be pasted directly into Unreal.


Unreal is not really made to create pure 2d games. features are very barebone and not maintained. But for what we are going to do with it, paper2d (Unreal's sprite plugin) will work just fine. Also you can still achieve some mad results by using Unreal's lighting system on pixel art sprites:

Octopath traveler, made in Unreal Engine

At the end of the day, this series is mostly an excuse to give a strong introduction to the basics of blueprint.
Another 2d game made in UE that I personally like:

The Siege and the Sandfox: Pixel Art Game with UE4

Where to start?

We will start from scratch but feel free to jump in anywhere.

link The main menu
link Basic movement and sprite animation
10 min
link Jumping and Shooting
Coming Soon
link Creating the level - part 1
Coming Soon
link Death and respawn
Coming Soon
link Shooting improvements (medium + big buster)
Coming Soon
link Jumping improvements (wall jump)
Coming Soon
link Spawning ennemies
Coming Soon
link Killing ennemies and taking damage
Coming Soon
link Loot and Hp bar
Coming Soon
link Moar ennemies
Coming Soon
link first boss - part 1
Coming Soon
link first boss - the return
Coming Soon
link Finishing the level background
Coming Soon
link Destructible terrain
Coming Soon
link The last boss
link What is next?

If you know a few things about Unreal Engine but have no idea how to make games from scratch then this series is just right for you. We will build everything from scratch and step by step.
All the project files will be available for download (with comments).

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